Lead Inventory Managment vs Lag inventory Management

Lead measures predict lag outcomes.

What do you need to order? Stocked shelves and past sales tell you where you are and where you have been. But how do you know what you need before you need it? That would be revolutionary! Predicting orders accurately IS the challenge. Mastering that would launch profitability to new destinations. If only you could lean out the extra, reduce the shrink, and always have what customers are looking for. You can, with Accurate Inventory Management!

Most companies govern by looking at charts and graphs that tell them what they have and what they sold over some period of time, the last week or the last month. Those are lag measures, and they are always in the past; you can do nothing about them, they are what they are. Managers have those data pushed at them, they study them, often cross-eyed, and seek to follow the golden rule, “Don’t order more than you can sell in two weeks.” But is it golden? It presumes that you cannot know how much to order, and that you are limited to your best guess. And that leads to predictable shrink, often thought of as acceptable shrink, chipping away at your profits.

What if you could know what you need to order the very week or day that you will sell it? Instead of guessing, you can operate on lead data, data that predicts the outcome. There is now a quantitative and qualitative data algorithm that does that with remarkable accuracy, and you can access it with Accurate Inventory Management, AIM LLC.  Imagine reducing your ordering shrink by 40, 50, 60 percent, or more. What would that do to your bottom line?