Predictive Inventory Management

Empower your team with unparalleled Insight from data-driven technology that will revolutionize the way you approach sales. You will Control Inventories, Eliminate Overspending, Reduce Waste, and Improve Customer Shopping Experiences.

Focus Areas

Overcome Shrinkage

HOW do you control your shrink? You -- Control Your Orders. Whether it’s from markdown or total loss, Your number one source of SHRINK -- comes from over-ordered product.

High Value Inventory

It is estimated that 30 million tons of meat is wasted in the US every year. In 2022, Retailers generated 4.99M tons of surplus food. An estimated 13.6% was high value fresh meat & seafood.

Total Inventory

Highly competitive and low-margin loss leader items must be understood in ways deeper than what was ordered last week or month. Our predictive algorythm gives an advantage better than just-in-time. You can know before you need what you need.

A Short story that Leads to YOUR SUCCESS

The best predictor of future behavior is history understood. Keeping track of history and bringing it back to you in ways that you can manage profitability is what we enable you to do. Your success is our success.

In 2019, a thirty-year veteran meat department manager of a major grocery store chain developed a system to limit the large amount of shrink his department was consistently reporting. In the face of high inflation and unpredictable markets and supply, he was desperate to make his store stand out with exemplary profitability. He started by creating numerous spreadsheets to keep weekly sales records and several forms to track what was in stock and where the stock levels were throughout the week. All this was accomplished manually. The process was heavy, complex, and time-consuming. But, with intensive effort, he cut his shrink by as much as 75% every week, and his department became the model of a well-oiled machine. However, to keep this system running smoothly, it took him 6 to 12 hours a week to manage and implement, depending on the ad.

In a conversation with an IT professional, it was suggested that this could be automated and used in any commercial enterprise with a good bit of work. The IT professional ran with the original idea and authored an entirely new concept introducing Predictive Data Management. At his own expense and on his own time, after a year and a half of trial and error, with multiple design upgrades, an automated Predictive Management Process was completed. It was then presented to the manager for testing.

For the next 2 years, the process was beta-tested and proved to be everything it was designed to be. It consistently produced predictive data that enabled the manager to maintain accurate inventory control that reduced shrinkage and saved him the 6 to 12 hours a week that his own system had demanded of him. The manager was ecstatic!

This process is now available to your store and store groups to assist in decreasing your shrinkage and meeting the needs of your customers.

Let's Kill your shrinkage

We show you how to lead your profits rather than chase your loss…know your lead measures.

We provide a predictive ordering solution that is ad-based and specifically tailored to each store.

Control your inventory by being able to predict what you will sell.

Why Choose Our Services

Higher prices do not equal higher profits. Rising costs least to greater losses. Effective inventory control is achieved with order accuracy.

A Proven System

This system was beta tested for over two years on a weekly ad basis with consistant results. It has reliably produced accurate data sets enabling managers to reduce shrinkage percentages by 40 to 60%.

Combined Best Case Strategies

Act on Lead vs Lag:
Employing Lead Inventory strategies as a proactive approach to generating predictable outcomes stands in stark contrast to the reactive nature of traditional methods, which rely on lag data reporting, capturing information only after events have transpired and too late to correct.

Implement AIM Three-Step Optimal Ordering Approach:
1. Employ AIM Metrics for Predictable Results.
2. Track Inventory Levels for Effective Management.
3. Control the Final Outcome.

A Complex process - Easy to Use

This complex algorythym is easily utilized by all levels of management. Simplified tools make decisions effective and efficient.

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